SPX Cooling Technologies

3D Animated trade show video

Making the complex easy to understand.

SPX_Cooling Technologies came to us with the need to make complex processes understandable to their customers.
At x2 Creative, we love that kind of stuff!

We worked with their marketing team in the United States and their engineering, sales and management teams in Belgium, France and Germany to develop a strong technical understanding of their products and to insure that each teams requirements were included. Their products are very large structures that take time to build so photography would be cost prohibitive and would likely not illustrate the process well. Using 3D animation, we were able to create their structures piece by piece and assemble them in a way that provides an overview of their construction without getting so technical that the viewer would lose interest.

Once the assembly sequences were complete, we had to make them work! SPX needed to show how steam from power generation plants travels into their system, cools and condenses into water, releases non-condensible waste gases then show how those gases and clean water are removed.

One of the great things about the work we do is we are always learning. - Not only about our own business but over the years we have had the opportunity to learn a little bit about so many things. - How great is that!