Labconco Corporation's Axiom Type C1 Biological Safety Cabinet

3D Animated video

Some things you just can't photograph.

Labconco Corporation designs and manufactures premium laboratory equipment. - When they developed a new class of biological safety cabinet, they needed a way to show features that would be impossible to photograph.

After learning how the machine worked and the unique features it includes, we created a detailed and dimensionally accurate 3D model of the cabinet including LED displays and label graphics. From there, we used complex particle systems to animate the airflow. The visual complexity required that we had to selectively turn on and off the various airflow systems and color-code them to effectively demonstrate the advantages of the safety innovations Labconco built into their product.

In all, we created five videos that provide a guided overview of the product, demonstrate various airflow systems, highlight special features and demonstrate emergency shut-down protocols in the event of an exhaust failure.

See the links on this page to watch all of the finished videos.